Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-On Blend 2 x 10 mL (0.33 fl oz)
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Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-On Blend, 10 mL (0.33 fl oz) Roll-On, 2 Roll-On Bottles

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Refreshing On-the-Go Aromatherapy

Now it's easier than ever to enjoy one of the most popular essential oils whenever you want with our Peppermint Aromatherapy Roll-On! Refreshing and soothing, yet wholly invigorating, this blend emits a scent that is bold and minty like the herb itself. We’ve combined our 100% pure peppermint oil (Mentha piperita) with a base of sunflower seed oil for a truly refreshing aromatherapy experience.

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy anytime, anyplace with this amazing peppermint oil roll on from Piping Rock! Each roll-on features our finest quality 100% pure essential oils in a soothing carrier oil base, making it easier than ever to experience aromatherapy when you want it most.

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